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"Your son has tiny feet!" Trash talk competitively with Oh Sir: The Insult Simulator's Dark Souls-style messages

If you took the phrase-combining message system of Dark Souls and tuned it solely for cutting rejoinders, you'd get Oh Sir: The Insult Simulator. It's a fighting game where your attacks are insults that you string together from a list of absurd components, picking each one to needle at the weaknesses of your opponent. Or just to sound as dirty as possible, that's good too.

That trailer is from Microsoft but developer Vile Monarch has confirmed it's coming to PS4 as well. Look for Oh Sir to arrive sometime this spring. If you want to give Oh Sir a try before then, the old prototype is playable for free on Steam right now. Bonus: it's themed after Monty Python's classic dead parrot sketch.

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Connor Sheridan
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