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Watch the full Portal VR demo from Valve - Science!

It might not be quite the same as donning an HTC Vive headset yourself but this full demo of the Valve Aperture VR demo is enough to make you wonder if you can get away with turning one room into a dedicated VR zone. The video from Valvetime shows off the full set up required and goes through the demo as you reconstruct Peabody and explore an area within Aperture Science.

There's a big spoiler warning if you're planning on playing the demo any time soon but if you don't care, it's a fascinating glimpse into what we'll be playing with come 'holiday season' this year. With the added extra of the ability to physically walk around and 'interact' with the world, the HTC Vive has an interesting edge on its competitors.

As reported by TechRadar the final consumer version of the Vive will be shown off in October. Executive director of marketing at HTC, Jeremy Gatiss says "We are targeting mid-October, but have not yet finalised the event details, venue, etc. Our hardware development, for the consumer versions of both the HMD and wireless controllers, remain on schedule for the end of 2015." If this is definitely the case then the Vive will be the first consumer VR headset on the market, creating some stiff competition for when Oculus Rift plays catch up early next year.

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Louise Blain

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