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Summer sale on the best games mags around

Future Publishing - owner of the very GamesRadar you're reading right now - is having a summer sale on subscriptions to its gaming magazines. Written by friends of (and contributors to) GamesRadar, there's something here for everyone. The offer is up to a massive45% off (opens in new tab)a selection of gaming magazines including (deep breath) gaming bible EDGE, the exclusive-packed Official PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Nintendo titles, PSM3, NGamer, Gamesmaster, Xbox World 360 and PC Gamer. That's equivalent of between 5 and 6 free issues a year.

This special offer is exclusive to the UK, although international prices can also be found over (opens in new tab) where you can also buy bookazines, apps,specialsand digital editions of your favourite magazines.

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Above: My favourite magazines. If they're not your favourites yet, they very soon could be

15 July, 2011