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Remember Your Amazing Gadget Giveaway!

£10,000 worth of prizes, enough gadgets to fill the TARDIS (probably)

There are competitions and then there are COMPETITIONS. The kind of competitions that don’t just warrant a double take, but a quadruple take . The kind of competitions that Time Lords would travel through space and time just to enter. The kind of competitions that can transform your home from ’90s relic to ultra-modern gadget wonderland. This is one of those competitions.

There are 45 prizes up for grabs in all, including Kymera wand remote control, a Sonic Screwdriver remote control, Sky TV and broadband free for a year, a mountain bike, home theatre system, touchscreen watch, Marshall micro-amp, Sigma D-SLR, track days at Silverstone and much, much more.

Here’s the kicker – every single prize, all £10,000 worth, will go to one lucky winner. Jealous of them already? No need to be, because it could be you! For a full list of prizes, terms and conditions and details on how to enter head to SFX ’s dedicated Gadget Giveaway site .