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RadioRadar is taking a break!

Hello there, dear reader/listener! You might've noticed that this week, there's no new episode of RadioRadar, GamesRadar+'s lively podcast. That's because RadioRadar is taking a little break, starting now - but don't worry, it's not going away forever. We want to take some time to revitalize the show: make it better, timelier, and no less funny than anything we've done before.

We don't have a specific date for when the podcast will be back, but be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates. Rest assured, our voices will return to regale your ears with game discussion, news breakdowns, review recaps, and hilarious (occasionally safe-for-work) anecdotes. Thanks to all the loyal listeners for sticking with us this long, and by all means, let us know in the comments (or in a tweet) what you'd like to see from the next evolution of the GamesRadar+ podcast.