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HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit reduced by £300 in crazy Boxing Day saving

(Image credit: HTC)

Taking the leap into VR isn't cheap, but in this ridiculous pick of the Boxing Day sales, you can jump in with a whopping £300 saving on arguably the best VR headset on the market. The HTC Vive Pro VR Starter Kit is reduced by 27% at John Lewis, taking it down from £1,119.95 to £819.95.

HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit | £819.95 at John Lewis (save £300)
Everything you need to get started in the world of VR with the HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit, including two controllers, two base stations, and more accessoriesView Deal

Virtual reality is still in its early phases but there are some absolutely cracking games you can get for the HTC Vive, such as Beat Saber, Tetris Effect, and Superhot. While you may look at the Oculus Rift and wonder why pay the premium for the HTC Vive, remember that the Vive is widely considered to be the best VR headset on the market.

You need a semi-powerful PC to support the Vive (specs listed on the John Lewis product page) and enough room to place down both base stations, however when you meet the requirements, you'll have the most immersive VR experience available. With SteamVR tracking available so you can walk around while playing, the Vive offers a complete immersion experience as opposed to the Rift leaving you planted in front of your monitor.

It's worth noting that this is also the HTC Vive Pro, which is the improved model of the original headset. It has built in headphones, a much higher quality screen, and vastly improved ergonomics all around, which makes it the best choice for those who want to go all out in the world of VR. Check out our best PSVR games list for some ideas as to what to look for on the HTC Vive.

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