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Grab some Razer gaming gear on the cheap as part of Amazon UK's end of summer sale

Grab some Razer gaming gear on the cheap as part of Amazon UK's end of summer sale
(Image credit: Razer)

In need of a summer peripheral refresh? Up for a new headset for console or PC gaming? Then you're in luck: a bunch of Razer gaming gear is on offer at Amazon UK right now. There's a healthy range of product types and 'grades' on offer (from controllers to keyboards), and some of these are down to their lowest ever price. Meanwhile, others are only a few pounds off their lowest ever price. Nice. We've picked out a few of the best offerings below, but there should be something for everyone.

For example, if you're after a quality Razer headset then you have the option of the Kraken Tournament Edition at a lowly £74 (26% off), or the excellent Razer Nari headset that's come down to just £105 instead of £150. These are your more premium options on top of another, more mid-range choice you'll find below. 

As for gaming controller fans, there's options for both PS4 and Xbox One owners (both options are compatible with PC, too). To begin with, the excellent Razer Raiju is down to £115. Similarly, the Wolverine controller for Xbox One hits with a 35% discount - it's a mere £77.99 instead of £120.

To complement the BlackWidow Elite that's on offer, the Razer Basilisk gaming mouse also has 28% off so you can revamp your whole mouse and keyboard setup at once. If the BlackWidow Elite's still too pricey at £125, your alternative is the slightly cheaper and less feature-filled Razer Ornata Chroma gaming keyboard, all for a tasty £65.

Plenty to get your teeth into, then. We really rate the quality of Razer products and have only had good, enjoyable experiences with them. In other words, you can trust these goods. And remember, you can have some RGB fun with a lot of them as well - they'll be compatible with Razer's Synapse software which can make your setup pleasingly cohesive.

Razer BlackWidow Elite gaming keyboard | £125 at Amazon UK (save £55)
Only a couple of quid from its lowest ever, this premium gaming keyboard is brought into quick buy territory and to the level of more medium-specced alternatives. View Deal

Razer Elektra V2 gaming headset | £31.50 at Amazon (save £23.50)
This is the headset's lowest ever price, and at this impulse purchase-worthy level, it really is a tempting proposition, even to come in as a secondary headset or one for a gift.View Deal

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition gaming controller | £78 at Amazon UK (save £42)
This PC and Xbox One controller is a matter of mere pence off its lowest ever price, which makes it an absolute steal. Particularly if you're after something that can offer you a bit more of an edge in games.View Deal

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