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BarcodeKANOJO is like Pokemon with women

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Try the cupboard. Japanese mobile developer Cybird is introducing their BarcodeKANOJO iPhone app, whichwill allow hopeless iPhone romantics to translate random combinations of lines and spaces into 3D, interactive companions. You know, just like a night at the bar.

Based on the same technology of Epoch's classic 1991 Barcode Battler system (anyone? No? Just me?), BarcodeKANOJO users will be able to use their iPhone's camera to scan random barcodes and create up to a reported 7 trillion unique lady friend variations. Once captured, the virtual girlfriends can be subsequently wooed, collected and swapped or stolen amongst friends.

Complete gameplay details are still under wraps, but interested scanners can pre-register and take a glimpse at the pseudo-3D artwork at the app'sofficial site.

BarcodeKANOJO is scheduled for launch next month. Until then, remember to save those half-eaten bags of pretzels, because you never know which one could be your soulmate.

Aug 13, 2010

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