Switchball and Word Puzzle on XBLA

Nov 6, 2007

Microsoft sends word that this week's Xbox Live Arcade releases will be Switchball and Word Puzzle, which should excite at least three people on Xbox Live.

Switchball is a pretty puzzler that has you controlling an ever-changing ball along a narrow winding maze suspended in midair.

30 single-player levels and co-op and multiplayer modes mean it could be worth a look in, but we'll have to get back to you on that one.

Word Puzzle does exactly what it says on the (virtual) box, though this time the game usually reserved forthe newspaperis "action packed" with combos and "exploding word bombs." Bit over-priced though, isn't it?

Both games will cost 800 ($10) Microsoft points. Look out for them on Wednesday morning.

Courtesy of CVG