Nintendo to finally begin offering WiiWare demos

Nintendo has finally announced that it plans to again release demo versions of WiiWare games in North America... butthe usualNintendo caveats apply.Only a few WiiWare games will offer demos, and even when Nintendo does put up a free demo, it'll only be available "for a limited time."

Above: Bit Trip Fate, a game you have to play to understand. Now, even if you're iffy about spending the money, you can still try it

PS3 and Xbox 360 users have grown accustomed to seeing huge sections devoted to free game demos on their respective digital download stores.But when it comes toWiiWare games there may be literally no coverage or outside details available at all. This leads to frequent blind buying of WiiWare content, or in the worse case scenario for Nintendo, a lost sale.

The demo section will become available on November 22 in North America. Bit Trip Fate, And Yet It Moves, ThruSpace, and Jett Rocket demos are the flagship titles which will initially get demos. The Wii Shop will be continuously updated with new demos as part of the digital store's regular Monday updates.

It's always nice to see Nintendo kinda, sorta, almost match the services available on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Nov 18, 2010