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What's the Spider-Man PS4 ending, and what does it mean for the sequel? ALL THE SPOILERS!

Ahead of Miles' spidey spin-off sequel coming out, you may want to recap exactly what happened back during the Spider-Man PS5 ending to set up the new story. Or perhaps you’re jumping into the video game version of Spider-Man PS5 for the first time and need a primer on the lore to this point. Either way, the following post covers the ending and post-credit sequence for the game. Just bear in mind: 

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OK, now that’s out the way, we can continue. We just didn’t want to ruin anything for you, you see. And now we’ve done our due diligence so you can’t say you clicked on the headline by accident and we spoiled the game for you. Lovely. To read about what cracks off during the final moments of the game  and set yourself up for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, read on below.

By the end of the game the clearly telegraphed transformation of Doctor Octavius into Doc Ock has reached its conclusion. With Mr Negative and the Sinister Six behind bars the climax sees Peter Parker construct a new suit, specifically to battle Doctor Octopus, both to try and bring him in, as well as retrieve the single sample of Devil's Breath cure - the deadly Oscorp disease Ock released to discredit Mayor Norman Osborn. 

After a massive battle with Doc Ock on the roof and sides of Oscorp, Spider-Man finally defeats his former friend by tearing out his neurological interface. With Octavius weakened by the wasting disease destroying his motor control he can't even get up without his tentacles and Peter abandons him as he cries out for help. We see Doc Ock one last time before the credits roll, going to prison and definitely looking like a man who'll be back at some point in the future. 

However, that’s not it: the really juicy stuff happens after the main credits finish and we get to see Peter Parker and Miles Morales again as Peter moves into a new apartment. We’d previously seen Miles get bitten by Spider 42, a mutated spider that escaped from Oscorp and now Miles confronts Peter about the new abilities he's developed, unaware that Peter is Spider-Man. This doesn’t actually bode well for Peter in Spider-Man 2 at all though, because in the comics Miles originally takes over as Spider-Man when Peter dies. But, silver linings, in the comics Miles also comes with extra powers like camouflage and a stun punch that would be perfect for a sequel. 

The very final sting comes after all the credits have rolled, and we see Norman Osborne in his secret lab where it’s revealed that Harry Osborne isn’t away in Europe, but actually in a coma being treated for some mysterious disease (presumably the same one that killed his mother). Most importantly, whatever Norman is up to has a very Venom suit symbiote feel going on, with familiar looking black tentacles all over Harry's body, setting up a major villain for a Spider-Man 2. 

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