Namco confirm new Tekken is out this year

Namco have announced that there will be a new Tekken on sale by the end of the year - although it's not Tekken 5. Instead, their third-person adventure prequel Nina has now been renamed Death by Degrees - Tekken: Nina Williams.

In the very first Tekken, Nina turns up with total amnesia: Death by Degrees looks set to fill in the blanks. Along with the expected hand-to-hand scrapping, the game will also include, yes, stealth-based gameplay while Nina will also have access to weapons including a sword and a variety of firearms. For more on the game, take a look at .

Meanwhile, following rumours that Tekken 5 would be , which takes place in LA in May, it now appears as if this won't be the case. A source at Namco has said, "There are no plans to show anything at E3 or ship [Tekken 5] in 2004." Oh well, it was a nice idea.

Death by Degrees - Tekken: Nina Williams is due for release on PS2 later this year