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Metalocalypse game sentenced to eternal doom

Adult Swim fans waiting breathlessly for the Metalocalypse game on PS3 and Xbox 360should probablybegin breathing again lestthey faint. The game will never see the light of day. Cartoon Network and game publisher Konami have mutually agreed to lingering "creative differences" on how to bring the cartoon seriesstarring fictional metal band Dethklok to the digital world.

"In light of creative differences, Konami Digital Entertainment and Cartoon Network are no longer working together to publish Metalocalypse Deathgame," said Konami in a statement.

Cartoon Network issued a much less diplomatic response, saying that with Konami at the helm, the game was heading in a direction that "would not live up to the high standards we had set for the project and we did not want to release a less than outstanding game." Ouch.

Firstunveiledalmost exactly a year ago atComic-Con 2009, Metalocypse: Dethgame was to be released on Xbox Live Arcade and on the PlayStation Store. It also would have featured a lot of crazy cartoon blood and gore, along with music from Dethklok. Obviously something went on behind the scenes in the game's development. Our guess?The gameprobably sucked.

By the way, Metalocalypse: Dethgame had been scheduled for release by the end of 2009. Given that nobody really even said anything about it until now kind of makes us realize that it wasn't exactly going to be a blockbuster hit in the first place.