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Meet the man behind Hitman's Agent 47

David Bateson is not a Nolan North or a Troy Baker or a Jennifer Hale. His voice isn't in every single video game across the land. In fact, Bateson's voice is singular in the gaming landscape. For nearly two decades now, he has been the voice of Hitman's Agent 47, his steely calm a consistent element in a surprisingly enduring series. What's it like to maintain a character over eight games and three console generations? We played the newly collected Hitman Season 1 with Bateson and discussed his career, how to make convincing sex noises in radio acting, the future of digital performance and much, much more.

I've been playing games since I turned four in 1986, been writing about them since 1987, and writing about them professionally since 2008. My wife and I live in New York City. Chrono Trigger is my favorite game ever made, Hum's Downward is Heavenward is my favorite album, and I regularly find myself singing "You Won't See Me" by The Beatles in awkward situations.