Is the 3DS really capable of 3D video chat?

Forbes.comrecently posted a story (written by GamesRadar alumOliver Chiang)on the future of the 3DS, which quotes Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata as saying that 3D video chat is technologically possible with the 3DS. While his commentsin no wayconfirm that Nintendo is planning such afeature, he wouldn't have mentioned it ifhe wasn't actively thinking about the possibility.

But how would it work with the current model of the 3DS recently shown at E3?The 3D dual lens camerafacesaway from the player (we saw a tech demo that used the 3D cameratotake a picture of a nearby object and encorporate itinto a shooting minigame), and the camera that faces in is just a regular camera. So it doesn't seem like the current 3D model is capable of 3D chat as Iwata says, whichcould indicatethatit's probably only a recent idea for Nintendo, and the 3DS we saw at E3 is in no way a final design (remember how much theoriginal DS changed?).

Given Nintendo's history shying away from anything that could remotely jeopardize the family friendly gaming experience, it seems unlikely that a feature with such obviously naughty potential would be green lit so easily.

What do you think? How likely do you think a 3D video chat feature for the 3DS really is?And is that whatNintendo should really be focusing on? Or will itjust lead to too many silly camera minigames? How manyguys just want to see their own wieners in 3D?

Jun 23, 2010

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