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Highlight of the Week: Unusual locker room behaviour

HD remakes, particularly onthe PS3,are currently more in vogue than Lady Gaga voguing to the greatest hits of En Vogue while reading a copy of Vogue. Yesterday though,we discoveredan incoming remake odder than anything has any right to be. Dancing Eyes is like a 3D version Qix, except rather than controlling an abstract little pixel-blob, you play as a tiny monkey. A tiny monkey who crawls over girls' clothes, chopping them up until they all fall off.

This in itself is mad, but what's even madder is the little 'reward' you get upon completion of a level (seen here in the original 1996 coin-op). Is this just what women do when they have a locker room all to themselves? We don't know, but suddenly we're a whole more suspicious of what really goes on at Wimbledon. Tennis players. Utter deviants.

June 17, 2011

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