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Go 100v1 bullet-spewing boss with our Survived By beta key giveaway

Games with 100 players all running around on a single server shooting wildly at stuff are all the rage these days, but if you'd rather kill monsters and level up than try to be the last one standing, Survived By might be your new online obsession. The new game from developer Human Head (who you may know from Rune Ragnarok and that Prey sequel that sadly never came out) is one third frantic top-down shoot-em-up, one third fantasy MMORPG, and one third dungeon-crawling roguelite, and you can get a code to try out the beta - if you're fast enough!

We've partnered up with Human Head to give away 5,000 Survived By closed beta keys to our readers, and you can hit the link at the bottom of the page to grab one. If you want to know a little bit more before you get to claimin', no worries: Survived By lets you play as the latest in a long line of fantasy warriors, until you die. The basic combat is the same for everybody - run around and blast monsters without letting them hit you back - but the special abilities and weapons reserved for each class spice up your tactics.

Now about that dying part; there are no graveyard runs or other respawn mechanics in Survived By. When your character falls in battle they're gone for good. But their efforts will help pave the way for the next generation - hence the title - in the form of Legacy cards that persist and can be upgraded from hero to hero, as well as limited heirloom loot. Build your Legacy deck, level up your individual character, find and craft loot, kill giant bosses with swarms of other players. That's the basic idea - now grab a code and start playing.

Click here to request a Survived By beta code 

Don't worry, Godankey won't hold on to your email address, and we'll never even see it on our end; it's only for mailing out the codes. Once you get yours, hit "Add a Game" on Steam, paste the code into the appropriate box, and get downloading. You'll also need to make an account on the game's official site, so you may as well do that as you install.

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