First look at Wario: Master of Disguise

We've always had a soft spot for Wario. More comical a bad guy than Mario's scheming nemesis Bowser, he's also put in some fine appearances in his own games, mostly on Nintendo's previous handhelds - although the Treasure-developed Wario World on the GameCube remains an under-appreciated gem.

This side-scrolling DS entry into the portly klutz's canon is looking similarly enticing. The idea, as ever, is for our avaricious anti-hero to search out treasure, and he retains the transformation abilities he's famed for (in some previous Wario games, he couldn't die); here, he can change into Thief Wario, Space Wario, Graffiti Wario and Dinosaur Wario, and each has their own ability you'll need to use to progress (Dino Wario can breathe fire, for example, while Thief Wario has improved jumping skills. Graffiti Wario, intriguingly, can draw his own doors).

While not strictly a platformer, this adventure incorporates jumping as well as more puzzle-based action, along with minigames. Movement is taken care of by the D-pad, but everything else is catered for with the touch screen, from opening treasure chests to attacking enemies.

After New Super Mario Bros., we're gagging for more top-notch 2D action. Let's hope Wario continues to revive side-scrolling adventuring.