Cancelled Superman game from Rogue Squadron devs might have been the one

You might recognize Factor 5 as the developer behind the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games, but prior to the studio's closure in 2009, it was also working on a licensed Superman title. And while the company never got far beyond the initial concept phase of development, it looks like it could've been the adaptation to end the curse of bad Superman games.

Unseen64, finder of all things thought lost, has a new video which details the game's development. It goes deep into how delays and complications with publisher Brash eventually led to not just the game getting canned, but Factor 5's shutdown as well. The whole thing is worth a watch, but if you're looking specifically for footage of Superman in action, skip to 5:50 for an internal video Factor 5 developed to keep their vision on track.

I still look fondly on my time spent with the Rogue Squadron series, and I can honestly say I think Factor 5's PS3 game, Lair, was at least conceptually cool - even if the controls did end up being just awful. It's a shame we'll never know how this project would've turned out, but with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice about to explode in theaters, now's the perfect time to daydream.

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Sam Prell

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