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Reveal secret documents in Wikileaks: The Game

The Wikileaks saga is full of drama and political intrigue, which makes it the perfect recipe for a surely-coming film adaptation, and, hey, why not, a Flash game. French game developer Sebastiaan Moeys created a quick, Flash-based adventure in which you get to be your own Julian Assange in a quest to find the most coveted secret documents.

The game is set in the motherload of all "top secret" government content - the White House. It's your job to wait until Barack Obama goes to sleep, and then quietlytransfer 300 kilobytes of data from his laptop to your USB drive.

Of course, this is completely unlike the real Wikileaks drama. While the game is about stealing sensitive information, Mr. Assange and Wikileakspublished documents obtained frominsiders. But that wouldn't be as easy to make into a game.

OK, so it's nothing special, but the payoff image (right), almost makes it worth it.

Check out Wikileaks: The Game

[Source:Tech Crunch]

Dec 13, 2010