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Game cartridge soap gives you that extra-nostalgic clean feeling

Soap. You use it to wash the Cheeto dust and cat hair off your body before exiting a game-induced haze and entering society as a respectable person. At least, that's what I do (the respectable part is debatable). Soap is very useful, but also very boring... unless you're lathering up with a hand-made bar of perfectly-modeled game cartridge soap from GEEKSOAP!

Lesley Karpiuk, a middle school teacher in Indiana, makes each bar of vegan soap in her kitchen, and is probably the coolest soap-maker on the continent (she may even be the coolest soap-maker in the world, but we don't know what kind of soap wizardry goes on elsewhere).

The soap is very reasonably priced, and comes in more than just game-cartridge form - she's got hygiene products for all types of geek. If you were wondering what to get your friends for their birthdays, you now know... this is much cooler than that USB cup warmer you were eyeing.

Apr 27, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer