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Dragon Nest digital bundle giveaway

Dragon Nest’s anime friendly art style looks great and is full of just the right kind of cute. But the main thing that sets Dragon Nest apart from the crowd is its combat system. The action is third-person and controls almost like a shooter with an aim reticule. Combos with spells, ranged attacks, and knock-ups for air strikes coupled with dodging and blocking feel very satisfying. Think of Dragon Nest as a smoothed out JRPG dungeon crawler, with short and sweet instances good for quick sessions as you quest for better gear and loot.

If you’d like to give it a try, follow the link below to get a redeemable code that’s good for a 5 slot Adventurer’s Bag, extra storage, HP and MP potions, and some resurrection scrolls.

How to get your closed beta key

1. Login to If you’re not already a member, click here to register. It only takes a minute.
2. Head to our Dragon Nest Digital Bundle to get your code.
3. Make a note of your code and follow instructions to redeem it for GamesRadar’s Dragon Nest Digital Bundle.