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Black Ops 2 hit $1 billion sales faster than Modern Warfare 3, Activision says

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2is estimated to have hit $1 billion in worldwide retail sales one day earlier than Modern Warfare 3, easing some concerns the series may have hit its peak. Activision announced today that it took Black Ops 2 a scant 15 days after its November 13 release to eclipse the mark, while Modern Warfare 3 took 16.

The figures were compiled from Chart-Track retail customer sell-through information as well as internal company estimates.

Activision once again compared the series' success to high-performing cinema, noting it took James Cameron's Avatar 17 days to reach $1 billion in ticket sales after it opened in 2009. It's certainly not apples to apples, given that movie tickets generally cost a third at most of Black Ops 2's $60 asking price, but it's an impressive reminder of gaming's growth in the entertainment world.

We earlier reported on several industry figures postulating slowing sales for the franchise, which is clearly not the case if the estimates are accurate. Given that series sales figures tend to be front-loaded, it remains to be seen how the game's overall figures ultimately compare to those of its predecessors.

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