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Around the Internet - Evolve's hunters, TMNT games, and more

The industry news is right about to ramp up with GamesCom on the horizon. But to hold you over until then, take a look at these articles from our friends around the internet. This week read Bayonetta 2 impressions, a WWE 2K15 wishlist, and more. Take a look by clicking on the links below.

God is a Geek

Video: Bayonetta 2 Gamepad functionality explained

For your amusement: teenage mutant ninja turtles

Replayed: xcom enemy unknown

Brutal Gamer

In app Purchases. Who’s to blame?

Sacred 3 (PC) Review

Dan Adelman no longer working for Nintendo

The Koalition

WWE 2K15 Wish List: 5 Things That Need Improvement

Retro Recap: MediEvil

The Co-op Podcast #85: Are Developers Getting Lazy?

The Average Gamer

Indie Rock: Enter The Vaporwave

Hands-on with the Evolve Hunters