Google+ has shared video, images and information for the newly-announced range of Soviet craft for its upcoming World of Warplanes. Joining legendary craft from the history of American and German air warfare, the Russian planes include the La-5 fighter and Il-2 Sturmovik, star of the eponymous flight-sim. And now here's a clip of Russian biplanes blowing things up to dubstep, which is the best use of either we've seen in some time:

World of Warplanes is Wargaming's ambitious follow-up to World of Tanks, even as the latter continues to expand its dominance of the mid-century war-MMO genre. The game's currently in closed Alpha testing, with the first round of testers having been given the chocks away (old-time pilot-talk for “okay you can play now”) this week. The company's now taking applications for future Alpha participants, saying there's no limit on the amount of players it's willing to offer a potential preview in exchange for testing duties.

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  • NanoElite666 - February 28, 2012 9:59 p.m.

    When the article mentioned dubstep I half expected another trailer using Nero's "Doomsday", since that seems to be a popular game trailer this past month. Also, was not aware that WoWPlanes was going to have jet fighters. Awesome.

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