Time Ace

Our hero in Time Ace isn’t so much the swashbuckling, dashing, two-fisted pilot you might be expecting; nope, he’s a doctor, an academic who a) has invented a time machine, and b) knows how to fly a number of aircraft, from F15s to UFOs. We bet he doesn’t have any trouble with the ladies, considering the number of pick-up lines he could come up with.

And his name? Dr Clock, naturally. His filthy assistant, Dr Scythe (why hire a man with a name like that? It’s begging for trouble) has stolen his time machine, so Clock has to follow him through different periods in history and blow the crap out of him with period aircraft. So far, so good.

Oddly, though, Time Ace doesn’t use the touch screen in the manner of the effective Star Fox Command. No sir. Instead, flight is handled through the D-pad, with weapons and boost relegated to the face buttons, and touch screen action limited to the using of power-ups, like smart bomb-style explosives.

From what we’ve seen so far, Time Ace promises to be a pretty blaster, and one that’s more on-rails than you might expect. But that never hurt the original Star Fox, did it? Nope.

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