Ever since the launch of the Wii, players have been waiting for motion control to deliver on one potential application that seems staggeringly obvious. Obviously that's a damn lightsaber game, but for the few of us who don't really care about Star Wars, a decent RPG that lets you wave your hands about to cast magic spells also seems like a great idea. Could the Workshop-developed Sorcery, releasing in Spring of next year, be that game? Take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself.

As you can see from the trailer, Sorcery looks to aim for the entry-level player not yet accustomed to weaving the Move's phosphorescent tip into complex magical runes... but being as the genre's still in its infancy, that's pretty much all of us. Anyway, the game's accessible facade shouldn't necessarily be mistaken for a lack of depth, as hinted at in the screens below. The game's combat system boasts spell combos for the hardy of forearm, and character-building items and options to further the RPG feel.

The PS3-exclusive title's looking closer to Fable than Dead Souls – but again, if you were wanting to pull in new players, there's certainly worse styles of game to emulate. Sorcery's dated for a Spring 2012 release.


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