Konami unloaded a dozen more screenshots for NeverDead, depicting the immortal hero Bryce Boltzmann in various states of beheadedness and badassery. There's also an image of Bryce literally going into battle unarmed, which is just another day at the office for a hero who relies on his ability to detach at will and use his various body parts as weapons.

“Losing a limb is a mere inconvenience and Bryce’s physical skills allow a wealth of ways to take out the enemy – from close-range combat, to throwing limbs into clusters of monsters and shooting them remotely," explained NeverDead creator Shinta Nojiri, formerly of the Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Acid franchise. "This adds a level of humor to the game that brings the world-weary main character to life, while players revel in game worlds that are fully interactive and eminently destructible.”

“Cursed” with immortality by NeverDead's Big Bad Astaroth, Bryce's main mission in the forthcoming action game will be to stop a demon invasion with help from Arcadia, a female private investigator with a tough shell and a heart of gold.

NeverDead is being assembled for PS3 and Xbox 360, and is set to arrive on January 31 in North America, and February 3 in the UK. Watch our recent interview with Shinta Nojiri, and skim the images below.


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