Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal

We all wish that Acme was real. So that just as a bully would pull back his fist, we could pull a lever and send an anvil crashing directly on to his head. Instead we’ll have to make do with this Tunes-based bash-a-thon - a merging of brothers Warner and Smash, if you will.

Fighting alone or in co-op, you’ll be controlling the usual array of mallet swings and spin attacks - raising that slightly nitpicky question of when did Bugs, Daffy and co. ever pull off spin attacks? Early word has us filing Acme Arsenal under the remote equivalent of button bashing, with a few promised driving and puzzling sections perhaps crazy-ing things up to a suitable level of looniness. So far, no US release date has been mentioned, but you shouldn’t worry. The likelihood of a US release is just as inevitable as Pepe Le Pew meeting a housecat with an inadvertent white dorsal stripe and subsequently trying to rape it.


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