Limbo Hidden Egg Guide

So maybe you’ve finished Limbo, nabbed all the achievements, and are totally proud of the little 100% completion next to your gamertag. Then you figured out how to load the leaderboards. Shame on your for thinking 100% actually means 100%. No, 111% is the new 100% according to Playdead. Those 10 secret achievement eggs you worked so hard for? Well there are 11 more SUPER secret eggs to be found, and we’ve made a guide to help you find every one.

Note that once you step on one of these eggs the game will add 1% to your completion immediately, making dying or quitting thereafter irrelevant. Also note that in order to get the final egg you must be able to beat Limbo in one sitting without dying once,which shouldn't be a problem with our handy walkthrough. Happy hunting!

Chapter 8 (1 Secret Egg)

Jump to the rope above the two saws and hang on until it stops descending, continuously climbing of course to avoid death. Now quickly run left past the ladder all the way back to the pit of spikes. If you’re quick enough, the spikes will be gone when you reach the pit. Jump in and stomp that egg.

Chapter 9 (1 Secret Egg)

From the chapter 9 spawn point (just after having the maggot eaten from your head if you’re coming from chapter 8) run left and push the crate until it is hanging slightly over the edge above the small pool of water. Now continue on with the game until you’ve turned the rain on. Return to this crate, and an egg should be sitting right on top.

Chapter 14 (3Secret Eggs)

Above: What, this doesn’t help?

Egg #1) The eggs are all at the very end of chapter 14 close to the ‘Alone in the Dark’ achievement egg. It’s easiest to load chapter 15 from the menu, run left, and climb down the ladder. Run right and into the darkness until you hear your feet touch water then jump to avoid a pool. Continue on until you hit a wall. It’s actually a crate. Pull it out a bit then jump on it and up to a ledge on the right. Keep running to find the first egg.

Egg #2) Continue right until you hit another wall. Jump here and climb up. Take a few steps to the right. Now face left and take a running leap off the ledge you just climbed. You’ll hear a smash as you land if you’ve done it correctly. You can now run from here to the right, and you will find the egg basking in the glow of a mysterious light.

Egg #3) Just to the right of the spotlight there is a wall. Run up to it then press down to climb down a hidden ledge. Keep going until you hit the wall. Jump to climb the ledge. As you run on you will see the egg below and you’ll hear metal under your feet. After the short drop off, turn around and grab what you were just walking over. Pull it out. You can now drop down and access the egg.

Having trouble? Here’s a short video showing how to get all three secret eggs. Sound is important so listen closely.