Killer is Dead trailer goes after Earth

Suda 51's new action game beats us back to life

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Earth has been stolen. This is a serious situation--far too serious for the army, space police, and even Travis Touchdown. Fortunately, Suda 51's latest amoral assassin Mondo Zappa--star of Killer is Dead--is on the case. And fortunately for Zappa, he has an obnoxious helper to beat the life back into his heart whenever giant monsters and arterial blood fountains prove too much for his mortal frame.

Grasshopper Manufacture's action game coming this summer will not dial down the studio's trademark madness, not even a little bit. So it stands to reason that you might have a few unanswered questions.

Perfect! That's why we have this so-fresh-you-can-smell-the-laser-burns preview all made up for you.


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