GTA IV Ghostriding glitch

We were goofing around in GTA IV multiplayer the other day, trying to play “grenade baseball,” when we discovered that the shopping carts in my world were not visible in my friend’s world. Naturally, this begged further investigation. The conclusion? You can get into a shopping cart and have your friend push you down a hill. But he will never see the cart; to him, you’ll appear to be gliding and/or bouncing like a bunny rabbit. We caught it on tape, have a look.


Want to try it yourself? Just start up a multiplayer game and rendezvous at a hill with shopping carts at the top. Climb into a cart, then invite your friend to give you a push downhill. Though we never got “grenade baseball” to work, this made us LOL anyway.

Jul 28, 2008

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  • rockitdogman - February 15, 2009 10:43 p.m.

    i took this thing to the next level if you push the shopping cart in the water your friend will not see it then you stand on it if you do it right your friend will see a wirl pool in place of the shopping cart

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