The PS Vita's international launch has come and gone with a big collection of games accompanying that hardware release. But once you've had your fill off those first titles, what's there to anticipate? How about the one of the most intriguing Vita games we've seen to date? Gravity Rush (aka Gravity Daze) finally has a stateside release, with its sale date set for June 12.

We’ve been captivated by the cel-shaded graphics and the “up is down, down is up” gameplay mechanic since we first saw it last year. It launched in Japan as Gravity Daze early this month to universal praise, though it’s a slight disappointment that we have to wait an extra four months to play it. SCEE also set the release date today, with the game hitting retail one day later on June 13. Until then, enjoy this extra bit of gameplay from our playthrough with of the Japanese demo...


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