Crytek once again brings the CryEngine 3 powered series back. This time the game combines the urban environments of Crysis 2 with the lush jungles of the first title in the series. The result is awe inspiring visuals and a post-apocalyptic feel as you explore the overgrown city streets as the series protagonist Prophet. We recently got to see a new environment called the Fields in the single player campaign and the Hunter multiplayer mode.

The Fields environment took us out of the city streets to a relatively wide-open trainyard overlooked by a massive missile-firing tower. The area is covered in tall grass, rusted train cars, and ponds of waist high water. Prophet needed to cross the no-mans-land while avoiding the laser targeting and explosive rockets coming from the tower. After using the suit's speed enhancement and stealth abilities, you'll get ahold of an incredibly destructive Seph energy cannon (the alien equivalent to a rocket launcher) to blow the tower to smithereens. 

In the next section, you encounter C.E.L.L soldiers patrolling a swamp-like area covered in water. The versatility of the Predator bow shows as Prophet silently takes out individual patrols using the standard arrow tips and switches to an electrifying arrow head to take out groups of troops standing in the water. There is also an explosive tipped arrowhead that is useful for destroying armored targets and setting off conveniently placed red barrels. Changing the suit abilities is still as important to survival as ever, and combining the suit's stealth camouflage with the silent bow really brings across the feeling that you are a predator on the hunt. 

We also had some hands-on time with the Hunter multiplayer mode (a new addition to the series). Going with the central theme of becoming a hunter in the single player campaign, these multiplayer matches carry that same tone into its competitive gameplay. The match starts with the majority of the players playing as C.E.L.L. troopers armed with standard military weaponry, like assault rifles. The opposing team play as the hunters, armed with a bow. The troopers are tasked with surviving the round longer than the rest of their teammates; however, if they fall to the hunters, the defeated player respawns on the hunter team. The longer you survive as a trooper, the more enemies you will be up against. 

Prophet feels more versatile than ever with new suit abilities and the adaptable bow, and the exciting Hunter multiplayer mode carries the hunting theme across to the competitive side of the game. Keep an eye out for Crysis 3 when it hits stores for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on February 19 in North America and February 22 in Europe.

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  • The_Tingler - December 7, 2012 8:09 a.m.

    Wait, is that it? Shortest preview ever! Nevertheless, really looking forward to this game... once I get a new graphics card of course.
  • winner2 - December 6, 2012 5:23 p.m.

    I want this more than I did before. Nice preview, I like the new focus on stealth they're taking.

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