Today, NC Soft has announced the first major update to City of Heroes Freedom since it added a free-to-play option in September. City of Heroes Issue 22: Death Incarnate will feature new powers, costumes, zones, end-game trials, and even more content for paid VIP-members.

Issue 22 will bring big changes to Dark Astoria. The undead infesting this land have grown in power, turning it into a brutal level 50 Incarnate co-op zone. There’s new content for lower level heroes as well, such as defending Bloody Bay from invading Shivans, and taking on the sorceress Diabolique before she can harness the power of the banished god Mot.

The update will also expand the teleporter system. Players will be able to use the Team Up Teleporter and install Hacked Telepads and Magicked Telepads in bases. There are also sweeping changes planned for the power sets of Controllers, Stalkers and Dominators, which can read about on the City of Heroes official site.

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  • 435 - January 13, 2012 8:55 a.m.

    Hot damn. I'm a City player and I haven't seen this stuff. o_o And it looks fantastic.

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