BlackSite footage erupts

Aliens, action, and fighting insurgents in Iraq?

Here's a pre-E3 treat: A brand new movie from one of the most exciting next-gen shooters, BlackSite: Area 51, plus a couple offresh images. And within this teaser lies a hint that you won't just be shooting extraterrestrials...

In fact, it looks like your early experiences as special forces commando Aeran Pierce, will be set in that ever-so-modern hotspot of danger, Iraq. Pierce seems to have a background in battling aliens, and it would seem that his own first encounter comes during a Middle East mission.

The set-pieces showcased here - especially the helicopter gunship versus a giant, toothsome wormy beast part - already look polished and exciting. We'll be hunting down the BlackSite booth when E3 kicks off next Monday to get aquainted with this big budget blaster.

July 5, 2007

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