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Whose in-game trees are these - can you guess?

Without virtual trees, landscapes in games would be a lot less lovely than they are. Can you imagine exploring Oblivion's countryside in a tree-less Tamriel, for example? It would be like a big forest, but without any, um, trees. Just a big open space with a few rocks scattered about the place to break-up the monotony of grass.

It saddens our heart, then, that the sterling work of vertical wood furnishings often goes unnoticed and unappreciated by gamers. So, to help raise tree awareness we thought we would probe your powers of foliage recognition with a little test. Below are six, tree-based screenshotsand your job isto identify each game.

Click on the screenshots to find out the answer, and if you manage to get more than two right we'll be absolutely amazed because we've made it really bloody difficult. To make it a tad easier, however,we've included a cryptic clue below each image. Good luck tree lovers!

Cryptic clue #1: California man must be about 60

Cryptic clue #2: Doing nothing could be deadly

Cryptic clue #3: It's day and these definitely aren't Christmas trees

Cryptic clue #4: You can't see this cat for the trees

Cryptic clue #5: A criticism of our race?

Cryptic clue #6: A fair reflection of global trouble?

June 7, 2007