We Happy Few's Uncle Jack is positively charming as he tells us a bedtime story

One of the main characters in We Happy Few - a dystopian, drug-fueled survival game set in an alternate history version of the 1960s, where the inhabitants of Wellington Wells have grown violent and unhinged - is a man by the name of Uncle Jack. The overly-chipper TV host acts as overseer of Wellington Wells, ensuring citizens take their daily dose of the drug known as Joy, and seeking out any ne'er-do-wells from behind the numerous TV monitors hung about town.

But really, Jack doesn't seem like such a bad guy. Why, just look at that smile! And in a new promotional trailer, he sits down to tell us a bedtime story. And it’s a story which is in no way unsettling, creepy, or hinting at more than what it seems to be at first glance. Nope. Just a plain ol', non-terrifying story. See for yourself:

We Happy Few is in development at Compulsion Games, the studio behind shadow-based platformer/puzzler Contrast. It is also currently on Kickstarter, with 7 days left to reach its goal of $201,353. At the time of writing, the game has drawn 5,277 backers and $187,166 in funding.

Sam Prell

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