WB Montreal is hiring for not one, but two AAA games set in the DC universe

WB Montreal, of Batman: Arkham Origins fame/infamy (depending on how much you enjoyed or hated that game) are currently hiring for two AAA games based on DC comics properties. So if you've got the talent and love the likes of Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman and the rest of the DC crew, I'd suggest you head over to the job listing page to see what you qualify for.

As to what these games are, I don't think anyone would be surprised by a new Batman game set in the Arkham universe, but whether WB Montreal would go back in time like they did with Origins or if they would continue forward is a little more unclear. As for the other game, that's even more of a mystery. Hopefully it'll be something starring everyone's favorite DC woman - a wonderful and underrepresented powerhouse: Big Barda!

Am I right or am I right? I mean it just … Hey, where's everybody going?

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Sam Prell

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