Watch this unannounced Star Wars RTS footage and wonder what could have been

Footage of a Star Wars RTS game has surfaced on video sharing site Vimeo, and uploader Elise Baldwin alleges that the title is an unannounced project she worked on as the audio director. It certainly looks and sounds legit, with TIE Fighters, X-Wings, a AT-STs, an AT-AT, Luke Skywalker, and the Millennium Falcon trading blasts across a chaotic battlefield.

Privacy settings won't let the video play embedded, but you can watch the clip here (opens in new tab).

While it's always healthy to view these sorts of things with a skeptical eye, a LinkedIn account (opens in new tab) matches well with the Vimeo uploader; they have the same name, and the clips uploaded to Vimeo align with projects listed on the LinkedIn profile. I'd say it's worth watching this before privacy settings or a takedown notice make it unavailable. 

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