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Videogame choir makes Glee look like old hat

We've all done it - hummed the Super Mario Bros theme song, sung along to the Final Fantasy fight music, and looked up our favorite gaming tunes on YouTube. But here's a group of college students taking it to a new level.

The Berklee College of Music in Boston has assembled a choir quite different from those of other universities - they only sing video game music. And we're not just talking about big choral songs that have appeared in games. We're talking about stuff like the background music in the Pokemon Game Boy games.

The school also has a special summer program specifically designed to teach students how to create video game music. In other words, this is the coolest music-centric college in the country.

It's all done a cappella, so no pesky instruments get in the way. Sure, it's not exactly anything that'll get into Carnegie Hall anytime soon, but come on - if you were a student at Berklee, you can't say you wouldn't want to join.

[Source: WBUR]

Dec 10, 2010