N64 classics Turok and Turok 2 getting new, HD life on PC

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil are some of the most beloved and unique first-person shooters in gaming history. Now, a new generation of gamers will get to experience the satisfaction of launching a weapon that bores into a robot-mutant-dinosaur-alien-thing's brain with a pair of HD re-releases in development at Night Dive Studios.

If your latest experience with Turok is the lukewarm 2008 reboot, allow me to wash it away with tales of the originals. These games reinvigorated the FPS genre when they were first released on N64 and PC back in the late '90s, with the original Turok even beating the well-regarded Goldeneye 007 to market by a good half-year. Silly and hyperviolent though they are, they're classics that are sadly often overlooked by newer, prettier games.

HD re-releases might alleviate that while adding something new to the experience. For example, without the constraints of '90s hardware to hold the games back, there's no need for things like fog to mask distant object loading. And while these are PC only for now, this is the age of fan demand: who knows what could happen if certain higher-ups see and hear Turok followers making their voices heard?

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Sam Prell

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