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The Chequered Flag 4

From: Star Trek Voyager
Location: The Antarian system
Mode of transport: Sublight ships that use enriched deuterium fuel.
Racers: Tom Paris in the Delta Flyer, and various nondescript aliens with off-the-shelf facial augmentations in small craft.
Winner: A never-determined alien
Racing form: "Warp is not a factor" (ho ho ho) in this race for small, manoeuvrable sub-light ships. The 3.2 billion km racecourse has three segments, with obstacles including dwarf star clusters to K-class anomalies. The contenders come from four alien races so nondescript they're not even listed in the website library (though presumably one set are Antarians), who were previously at war. For a race that's supposed to be about skill and quick wits, there seems to be an inordinate amount of time available for co-pilots to bicker, snog, propose to each other and spout technobabble.

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