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Take a quick survey for a chance to win a $250/£200 Amazon gift card

We'd love to know what you want more (or less) of on GamesRadar+ and, given the impracticality of discussing this in person, are delighted that our parent company Future already has a better solution: the Illuminate Panel. All you need to do is take a quick survey that will influence GamesRadar+ and Future's other tech and gaming sites, like PC Gamer and TechRadar, to get the chance to win a $250 / £200 Amazon voucher.

It sounds like a transhumanist project to reach the next stage of human evolution, but the Illuminate Panel is actually just a handy tool for us to get feedback from our audience through short, monthly surveys. And it's an easy way for you to win prizes by simply answering questions online. All you need to do is click here to sign up for the Illuminate Panel.

We appreciate your help, and there's a chance to win a £200/$250 Amazon gift card for folks who complete the sign-up questionnaire. The raffle is only open to folks in the US, UK, and Australia, plus other terms and conditions apply. Check out the panel's FAQ section if you want to know more.