Syphon Filter trailer sneaks in

%26bull;Syphon Filter Dark Mirror trailer (WMV, 8MB) - right-click to download

Wednesday 5 April 2006
A sneaky infiltration, some cunning subterfuge, a few bullets ruthlessly delivered and - wallop - we've successfully retrieved a trailer for the shadowy PSP return of Gabe Logan in Syphon Filter Dark Mirror, which is out this summer,and you can view the movie-flavoured spoils by clicking the link above.

After keeping a low profile in the last Syphon Filter - The Omega Strain on PS2 - precision strike operative Gabe Logan is back with a portable bang to take the lead role in Dark Mirror, as he embarks on a mission to seek and destroy a weapon that threatens the entire planet. Ooh, nasty.

Of course, there will also be oodles of terrorists to exterminate, although we hope PSP's most prevalent enemy - dark environments - won't be putting in an enjoyment-dampening appearance.

Above: Syphon Filter was a cracking game on PSone, so lets hope it returns to form on PSP

Matt Cundy
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