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Party Game Of The Week

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Child Psychology Of The Week

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There are so many reasons to give the dire Do No Harm various Spurious Awards (lead actor Stephen Pasquale was a contender for expression of week in both of the two episodes that actually made it to air – see below). But the real stand-out was for a moment of unbelievably unconvincing child psychology. Okay, so the little girl has a parasite in her brain:

“Do you know what Dr Cole is going to be doing today?” asks insipid female doctor.
“He’s going to cut a worm out of my brain,” replies little girl.
“It’s called an Echinococcus multilocularis,” insists insipid female doctor.
Dr Cole and little girl look at each other, laugh and re-iterate, “A worm…”

It’s funny, y’see, because the little girl can’t get her tongue around “Echinococcus multilocularis” and so the kindly male doctor has cleverly simplified it to, “You have worm in your head.” Ho, ho, ho…

Except in the real world…

“Little girl, you have a worm in your brain…”


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In-Joke Of The Week

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That’ll presumably be comic writer Marv Wolfman and comic artist George Perez they’ll be referencing then, in Arrow .

Headline Of The Week

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Is that a subtle dig at The Daily Mail (which blames everything on the unemployed)? Or The Sunday Express (which manages to find a royal angle to nearly everything?). The back page sports headline is ironic, too, in the week that it was announced Being Human was coming to an end. If the fans had had their say, we’re sure it would have been, “This show is bloody brilliant at the moment – don’t cancel it!”

Car Windscreen Shade Of The Week

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It’s the Millennium Volvo. [via Cheezburger ]

Talking Sense Of The Week

Even better, he put this idea in our heads: “Grouse though [fans] may that it’s not ‘their Star Wars ’, every old-school fan will line up to see a Yoda origin story, or to see David Boreanaz as a young Han Solo winning the Millennium Falcon from Donald Glover’s baby-faced Lando Calrissian (Yeah, I’m calling it here!).” Yep, we’re going to be disappointed by anybody else now!

The Franchise The Just Won’t Die Of The Week

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The show was cancelled 11 years ago, yet it’s still popular enough to spawn this. One day, it will return, oh yes… one day. (Oddly, you never see any new Charmed games at Toy Fair… and that lasted eight blimmin’ seasons – grumble, grumble, grumble!)

Mash-Up Of The Week


Game Of Thrones meets Downton Abbey … we kid you not. Pianist Sagar Jethani makes the link.

Fashion Statement Of The Week

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The cybermen have discovered a new way of subtly replacing human bodies part. “You will cook like us. You will sauté for us.” At least you get to keep your head so you can taste what you’re cooking. Available from the BBC Shop .

Bathroom Suite Of The Week

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[via GeeksAreSexy ]

Quiz Of The Week

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Can you identify the Marvel heroes and villains for these initial-themed clues. Interestingly, designer Mike BaBoon has made all the heroes capital letters, and all the villains lower case letters, which must be a metaphor for something ( cough – small penis – cough *). (*Female villains have metaphorical small penises, okay?)

Valentine’s Video Of The Week


Some geeks will do anything to get a snog.

Reimagining Of The Week

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There have been loads of Pixar/Disney mash-ups on the net over the past couple of years, but we have to admit, these are some of our favourites. They were created by Phil Postma tons more here!

Meme Bandwagon Jumping Of The Week

Sorry… but how could we ignore Harlem Shake, which has taken over YouTube while Spurious Awards has been on hiatus? And amazingly for an internet meme, a lot of them are actually quite amusing. Well, we say that this week…








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