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Spurious Awards Of The Week

Girliest Knight Of The Week

Aw, diddums. Has Merlin ’s Sir Percival got a nasty blister? The big girly wuss. He’s a knight, for heaven’s sake. You'd think all that chafing from the chainmail would have toughened him up a bit.

Meal Of The Week

We know the recession is hitting hard – especially in a blue-collar town like Haven – but eating your won children for Sunday lunch? At least they seem be saying grace before they sit down.

Monty Python Fan Of The Week

We loved Walter’s tribute to the Ministry Of Silly Walks in Fringe.

Backhanded Tribute Of The Week

More genius from BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show , but you have to wonder how much of it sent over the heads of the general listeners. As if that matters.

Nothing Says I Love You Like… Of The Week

In a bizarre alternate world Charlie Brown proposed to Lucy with a custom-made R2D2 engagement ring. Romance clearly isn’t dead. See the whole story unfold here…

The Truth Of The Week

With not much tinkering, it could apply to people queuing for midnight movie premieres too… [via Dorkly ]

Unexpected Crossover Of The Week

Is it just us, or does anyone else think the snowmen in the John Lewis Christmas ads are related to the Weeping Angels?

Revelation Of The Week

Apparently Spider-Man, Harry Potter and World Of Warcraft are among the most popular franchises for helping people worldwide learn the English. Research by Kaplan International Colleges , a leading provider of English courses, revealed that over half of people surveyed said they improved their knowledge of the English language by reading comic books and that Peter Parker's alter ego was the most popular superhero. However, here at the Spurious head office, we’re more bemused at the idea of people in Peru learning English from Harry Potter (presumably they inserteramus much cod Latin) and Grand Theft Auto (allowing them to issue threats in all sorts of colourful ways).

Wheels Of The Week

[via The Mary Sue ]

Trailer Of The Week

Dave Golder
Dave Golder

Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.