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Worst Attempt To Avoid A Spoiler Of The Week

Birthday Present Of The Week

According to Brian Blessed’s via.me account this T-shirt was a present from Thor director Kenneth Branagh. Admitting you cast the wrong guy as Odin, as last, are you Kenny?

Prayer Of The Week

[via Geeks Are Sexy ]

Captain Jack Tribute Act Of The Week


We were surprised to see a regenerated Captain Jack turn up on The X-Factor this week, though alarmed by his choice of song – that’s just rubbing it in for poor old Ianto.

Star Wars Disney Mash-Up Of The Week

There were almost literally millions of Star Wars /Disney mash-ups posted on the internet this week, and various other sites have posted galleries of the best, so we didn’t want that particular meme to hijack Spurious Awards this week. But in a rare case of Spurious Awards actually awarding something for the right reasons, we had to applaud this effort, because of its simple idea (which was quickly taken up and spoofed elsewhere) and excellent execution. We think (following the virtual paper trail back) it’s by @octoberjones .

Rap Battle Of The Week

Who vs Brown – wonder what Dre has to say about it?

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Musical Of The Week


Good move getting the Doctor to regenerate at the start of this so that the guy singing isn’t doing some lame impression. But there is something a bit Doctor-y about him. And a bit Cumberbatch.

Alternate Endings Of The Week

Deviant artist Justin McTwisp has created some great – and just slightly disturbing – portraits depicting what would have happened if some classic Disney villains had triumphed. It’s all in the details…

Gaston from Beauty And The Beast

Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians

The Evil Queen from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Lady Tremaine and the two Step-Sisters from Cinderella

Career Change Of The Week

Elena in The Vampire Diaries seems to have decided that now she’s a bloodsucker, she can fulfil that ambition to join the circus.

Halloween Costumes Of The Week

We would love to see a fight between these two…



Moffat’s Dream Of The Week

You can’t help feeling that while the rest of the world is rooting for a Peter Jackson-directed episode of Doctor Who , Steven Moffat – whose era on the show has defined by phrase “dark fairytale” – is probably fantasising about this. [via Geek + ]

Chorus Of The Week

A zombie love song with a very catchy – and clever – chorus. They should stick on iTunes. We could get it to number one!


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True Story Of The Week

What really happened when Obi-Wan Kenobi dropped off baby Luke with Uncle Ben. Probably.

Fart Of The Week

It’s got to the point where Rimmer has worked out exactly what flavour curry Lister’s been eating.

Cover Version Of The Week


Ghostbusters … heavy metal style.

Fetish Gear Of The Week

We’re sure somebody out there wants to be whipped by Boba Fett or a Stormtrooper. Darth Vader probably. Star Wars custom corsets by Damsel In This Dress . [via Geeks Are Pervy Sexy ]

Trailer Of The Week


The guys at Honest Trailers strike again.

Halloween Pumpkin Of The Week


Spooky Tetris .

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