Spurious Awards Of The Week

Record Breaker Of The Week

The Doctor is either the record breaker of the week, or the biggest fibber of the week. Five million keepy-uppies – that what he finished counting at in “The Power Of Three”. Which is a bit of a feat in itself. But when he launches himself back onto the Ponds’ sofa, Amy says he’s only been away an hour. That means he would have had to have been averaging one keepy-uppy every 0.00072 seconds. And that’s not even taking into account he creosoted the fence and did the Hoovering in that time as well. We won’t even calculate how many pinches of salt we need to believe that.

Most Elaborate Princess Leia Cosplay Of The Week

Who knew that Sinbad ’s Gunnar was a secret Star Wars fan? (Though he has dressed up as a woman in a previous episode…)

Random Thought Of The Week

Rachel in Alphas – she’s the one with the super senses – is always moaning about other people’s odours. But since she seems to be able to switch her other senses on and off as she needs them – it’s not like she wanders around seeing everything in marcovision all the time – why doesn’t she just stop supersniffing? Or maybe the rest of the Alphas team seriously need some extreme showering time (Hank always seems especially sweaty…)

Trailer Of The Week


Credits Of The Week


Alternative Ending Of The Week


With a genuine guest appearance from Stan Lee, apparently…

Reimagining Of The Week

Tim Burton’s Avengers , by Deviant Artist La-Chapeliere-Folle .

Scaremongerers Of The Week

Had a gander at Yahoo!’s new technothriller Cybergeddon y et? It’s the new digital series from CSI creator Anthony E Zuiker about international cyber crime. And you can’t fail to notice in the opening credits that Norton Utilities – purveyors of anti-virus software – have partly bankrolled the project. Zuiker and his team have been gushing about useful Norton’s experts were in helping craft the story (one scene re-creates the Norton Security Operations Centre and its Pandora's Box – a security room where viruses are analysed in isolation). But you can’t help thinking that the whole thing’s been made mainly to scare us into upgrading the security on our laptops…

You also can’t help but think that Yahoo! hasn’t really got its heart in the project – if you use Yahoo! to search for Cybergeddon – the show’s home page doesn’t even come up on the first page of results. Or maybe some real corporate cyber crime has been taking place?

Grumpy Old Man Of The Week

Apparently, this is genuine!

Meme You’ll Be Sick Of By Next Week Of The Week

And we’re going to give you indigestion now. Prepare for sci-fi Gangnam gluttony, in the hope that we never have to post another one of these again:





Discovery Of The Week

We don’t know how long this has been on IMDb, but we only discovered it this week, and it tickled us, so we thought we’d share. In a piece of trivia about Grimm’s wayward attitude towards the German language, this little gem leapt out: “The queen of the mellifer is referred to as ‘Mellischwuler’, which, translated, means ‘Melli-gay-man’. A possible explanation for this might be that the word ‘queen’ was mistyped ‘queer’ when the word was looked up in a dictionary.”

Pimping Accessories Of The Week

Far better than go-faster stripes or furry dice. Loads more at etsy.com .

Spoilerfest Of The Week


DO NOT watch this unless you’ve read Storm Of Swords . On the other hand, if you have, his support group for people left shaken by all the misery and death in A Song Of Ice And Fire is pretty much preaching to the converted…

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