Spurious Awards Of The Week

Party Trick Of The Week

Eric inflates his own hand in True Blood .

Live Action Remake Of The Week


Poops all over The Flintstones .

Expletive Of The Week

For a moment there was a worried look in DJ Zane Lowe’s eyes when he was interviewing Rhys Ifans at the Amazing Spider-Man premiere in Leicester Square. The suitably green-suited Welshman summed up his character arc as the Lizard as, “’He has a bad day in the office and then everything goes tits up.” You could see Zane’s brain trying to work out if that was acceptable language on Sky Movies at prime time (where the premiere was being broadcast live).

He needn’t have worried. “Tits” was positively polite compared to something else Sky Movies broadcast during the event. There was a twitter feed running along the bottom of the screen, which was clearly being carefully edited for language and positivity (not that there was much room for either after you’d typed out the cramp-inducingly-long hashtag, “#amazingspidermanpremiere”). Not carefully enough, though, it would seem, if repeated messages from Tweeter “f**kyeahemma” were anything to go by.

Watercolour Challenge Of The Week


This gorgeous animation comprises 3,285 aquarelle paintings created by andersramsell , giving some early scenes from Blade Runner weird new look.

Makeover Of The Week

Suddenly My Little Ponies are cool. There’s a site full of these things here , and we especially love the My Little Cyber Ponies by savethewailes and the My Little Alien Pony by Mari Kasurinen .

Insurance Quote Of The Week

[via failblog ]

Home Furnishing Of The Week

By the time we’d discovered this xenomorphic light fitting it had already been sold, which, to be honest is no great surprise. But it looks like EvilRobotDesigns do commissions. Maybe they could rustle up an accompanying predator lampshade…

Opening Credits Of The Week


This has already been causing a storm on our Twitter feed, but since we know you don’t all follow SFX (tut tut) here are some Avengers Assemble credits done in the style of Firefly .

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Redevelopment Project Of The Week

An army of 40 gamers lead by Reddit user Tigerballs07 have spent over a year recreating a 1:1 scale model of Lord Of The Rings ’ Mines of Moria inside Minecraft . According to the website Geekosystem ; “The structure is 16,000 x 16,000 blocks [one cubic meter each] and took tens of thousands of man hours to complete. The entirety of the structure was ‘Hand-Dug’, which mean that no mods were used to simplify the building process within Minecraft . The replica is based on Peter Jackson's vision of Moria and not JRR Tolkien's description. The replica features all of the iconic locales featured in the film; with everything from the entrance to the bridge on which Gandalf confronts the Balrog.”

Apparently the map would take days to upload to the Minecraft servers, so sadly you won’t get to run around them. Even virtually.

[via Blastr ]

Nightmare Visions Of The Week

These are just plain disturbing – the dark side of some Disney characters that usually look so cute. This is what goes on in the minds of “Imagineers” at Disney theme parks who have to wear Mickey and Pluto suits too long. Click here to see artist Testosteronman’s full-sized versions .

Party Political Broadcasts Of The Week




Courtesy of Mother Jones .

Pulp Fiction Of The Week

Sci-fi classics gloriously reimagined as pulp SF novels by Tim Anderson . [via postercollective ]

Unsubtle Allusion Of The Week

We assume Alan Moore is no great fan of Harry Potter. Not that anything in this universe, or any alternate universe, would have lead us to assume otherwise. Not that he’s ever said anything, it’s just that we’re talking Alan Moore. And Harry Potter. Brian Sewell liking Saw 3D would seem less outrageous.

But in case anyone was harbouring any lingering doubts, the news coming out about his latest volume of literature-plundering The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would seem to settle the argument. Century 2009 is set in the 21st century and features the usual suspects – Mina Murray, Allan Quatermain, etc – rubbing up against a familiar-sounding antichrist. According to The Guardian , “it turns out [he] has a hidden scar and a mentor named Riddle,” who went to a “a magical school reached by a magical train hidden between platforms at London's King's Cross.” Moore steers clear of actually calling his antichrist Harry Potter, clearly for fear of falling foul of a Copywritus Curse.

Copycats Of The Week

Ah, and there we were, all proud of our Batman Tumbler we made earlier this week, and somebody had beaten us to it

Funky Droid Of The Week

Who says robots have no soul? [by Ian Brooks via The Daily What ]

Public Information Service Of The Week

[via The Daily What ]

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